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Decarb It is a convenient option for commercial kitchen decarbonisers
Our goal - to provide the most flexible DECARBONISER HIRE

Established in 2016, Decarb It is a convenient option for commercial kitchen decarbonisers, offering a range of flexible hire and purchase options. Decarboniser hire is usually only available on long-term contracts, putting them out of reach for smaller kitchens and restaurants with no room, and no need, to hire a decarboniser for many months.

Our weekly or 24 month decarboniser hire means that kitchens of all sizes throughout the UK can benefit from great decarbonisation at an affordable cost. Whereas our purchase options give customers the freedom of owning their very own decarboniser.

Could your kitchen benefit from decarboniser hire? From restaurants, pubs, and clubs to schools, hospitals and hotels, decarboniser hire with Decarb It is a great, flexible solution to get your kitchen shining.

Our Industry Experience

Our team enjoys years of hospitality experience, having worked in kitchens across the UK from Michelin-starred restaurants to corporate hospitality since 2003. It’s given us a great insight into how the industry works and has helped us identify new processes which enable kitchens to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards that help exceed EHO standards and regulations.

If you're interested to learn more about our services, we’d love to heard from you.


Benefits of decarbonisation

Improved Staff Moral

With Decarb It decarboniser hire, all your kitchen equipment will quickly and easily be looking like new again, making it a joy to cook with. The improvement in staff morale can only have a positive impact on your business, profitability and of course, your food!

Save Money

Using a decarboniser is a quicker, easier way to clean your carbonised kitchenware, leaving kitchen staff free to undertake other duties. Our unique weekly, monthly and yearly decarboniser hire options provide flexibility so you can choose the best option for your budget.

Improve Kitchen Hygiene

Using a decarboniser can restore life back into kitchen equipment by removing stubborn, burnt-on carbon and grease. By returning your equipment to its former glory you can present a cleaner, more professional looking kitchen to customers and EHO inspectors alike, showing that your kitchen’s hygiene standards are a top priority.

Clean Equipment Works Better

Carbon build-up stops cooking equipment from working properly on induction hobs and can create heat spots when cooking. Decarbonisation also removes flaking carbon, preventing food contamination. Using a decarboniser extends the life of your kitchen equipment and ensures your kitchen is working as efficiently as possible.

Make a Great Impression

With many of the UK’s commercial kitchens now visible to paying customers, cleanliness and hygiene is of the utmost importance. Make an impression and choose decarboniser hire to help your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

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