How does Decarboniser work?

Carbonisation occurs when carbon and grease is burnt onto kitchen equipment, building up and resulting in inefficient and uneven distribution of heat, as well as an unclean appearance. Decarbonisers easily remove this carbon build-up from expensive items at an affordable cost, heating a specially-formulated biodegradable detergent to 80 degrees Celsius which then dissolves carbon build up, resulting in clean equipment scrub-free!

What can you clean in a Decarboniser?

Decarbonisers are extremely versatile and can clean pretty much any item in your kitchen affected by grease and carbon, including stainless steel gastronorms, stove tops, oven internals, extraction filters, aluminium trays, grill plates, brander plates, char-grills, fryer baskets and removable attachments, stainless steel and aluminium pots and pans, glass and ceramic items.

Is a Decarboniser safe to use?

Decarbonisers are very straightforward and safe to use. The detergent used is a non-caustic and non-corrosive biodegradable solution that has been specially-formulated for use in decarbonisers. We provide all the necessary PPE with our decarboniser hire, along with the relevant COSHH safety data sheets. On delivery, we will set up and install your decarboniser and then demonstrate how to use it safely

What can't you put in a decarboniser?

It is not recommended to put silver, silver plate, tin plate, enamel coated pots, Teflon, silicone coated pans, wood or thin plastic items into a decarboniser.

How long do I need to soak my items?

This depends on how dirty the items are, but generally anywhere between 20 minutes and 12 hours. Items should not be left in the tank longer than 12 hours; they should be removed, thoroughly washed, rinsed and put back in the decarboniser if required.

Whats included in the hire?

If you've chosen to hire short-term (2-4 weeks), we will arrange with you a suitable delivery date (see ‘When will the decarboniser be delivered?’ for information on delivery times), set up the decarboniser in your preferred area (access allowing), fill the tank with water and add our biodegradable non-caustic lemon-scented chemical. We will ensure the decarboniser is working and switched on, demonstrate how to use it and provide you with safety gloves (gauntlets) and goggles. Once you’re finished with it, we will drain the tank and take it away, leaving you with a kitchen you’ll be proud to show your customers.

If you chose to hire long-term (24 months) you'll receive the decarboniser, 12 months supply of biodegradable non-caustic lemon-scented chemical, safety gloves (gauntlets), goggles and set-up instructions will be shipped to you for you to set up yourself. An additional 12 months supply of chemical will be shipped out when requested after the first 12 months. If you require a Decarb It engineer to deliver and set up your tank please contact us to discuss.

How long and often will I need to hire for?

In most cases a couple of weeks should suffice, but if you need one for longer just give us a call and we can arrange additional weeks’ hire at the prices quoted. We recommend hiring every 3-6 months or as often as suits your needs.

Will the decarboniser kill harmful bacteria and viruses?

The temperature of the water in the decarboniser kills bacteria and viruses, leaving items soaked in the system bacteria and virus free when they are removed.

How can I pay?

For short-term hire, we accept online payment via credit/debit card or PayPal. For long-term hire, you will need to complete a Direct Debit mandate online after paying your first months hire via credit/debit card or PayPal.

When will the decarboniser be delivered?

If you are renting short-term (2-4 weeks), delivery will take between 1-3 weeks after you have made the order and will include set-up of the tank by one of our engineers. If you are purchasing or renting long-term (24 months) delivery will be by either a third party courier or by a Decarb It engineer and will usually take between 3-5 working days and may or may not include set-up.
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