Why Choose Decarboniser Hire with Decarb It?

We have a wide range of decarbonisers of all sizes to suit your needs. Our small decarbonisers can fit almost anywhere, with larger models featuring self-lift mechanisms to assist with loading and unloading.

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Product Description Price Order
Small Decarbonisers Product Image

Small Decarbonisers

Approximately 75L
Ideal if space is a premium and
you just have a few items to clean.
£179+VAT for the first week.
£19+VAT for each additional week.
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Medium Decarbonisers Product Image

Medium Decarbonisers

Approximately 150L
This is our most popular option
and ideal for most kitchens.
£199+VAT for the first week.
£29+VAT for each additional week.
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Large Decarbonisers Product Image

Large Decarbonisers

Approximately 250L
Designed with the larger catering establishment in mind.
Perfect for all those large pots and pans.
£229+VAT for the first week.
£29+VAT for each additional week.
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Monthly Service Option Decarbonisers Product Image

Monthly Service option

12-month contracts available.
This works out at only £2 a day for a
typical 150L decarboniser or £60 a month.
£39 + 14p a litre for our biodegradable non-caustic chemical. Order Now
  • Head Chef & Proprietor Adam Jackson

    Adam Jackson

    Head Chef & Proprietor, The Park Restaurant @ Marmadukes Hotel, York

    " Having previously used a small decarboniser in the past and knowing how well they work, I was on the hunt for one to make my kitchen deep-clean as easy as possible. "

  • Head Chef & Owner Tommy Banks

    Tommy Banks

    Head Chef & Owner, The Black Swan Oldstead - Michelin-Starred Restaurant with Rooms

    " I was busy filming in the week it was delivered so my Sous Chef, Nick, and the rest of the team used it whilst I was away. I was surprised on my return to see just how well it works and would recommend! "

  • Head of Operations Dale Exelby

    Dale Exelby

    Head of Operations, Manion & Co. Kitchen & Eatery - York & Helmsley

    " It was great at the end of the day being able to strip all our equipment out and leave it to soak in the tank overnight, knowing that in the morning it would still be there ready to be put back but looking as good as new! "

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