Improved Staff Morale

With Decarb It decarboniser hire, all your equipment will look clean and new quickly and easily, in turn making it a joy to cook with. The improvement in staff morale can only have a positive impact on your busines s and profitability, and in particular on the quality of service your customers enjoy.

Save Money

With our unique weekly decarboniser hire option, you will save time and man hours from arduous cleaning tasks, leaving you and your staff to focus on other important operations in the business.

Improves Kitchen Hygiene

Decarboniser hire will restore your kitchen equipment to 'like new', removing stubborn, burnt-on carbon and grease which presents a great image to customers and EHO inspectors alike, showing that you understand and care about your kitchen’s hygiene standards.

Clean Equipment Works Better

Looking after your kitchen equipment will not only extend its life but will also get your kitchen to work as efficiently as it was intended. Carbon build-up stops pans and cooking equipment from working properly on induction hobs and can create heat spots when cooking. Decarbonisation also removes flaking carbon, preventing contamination in food. Decarbonisation will leave your equipment carbon-free, allowing heat to distribute evenly and with the appearance and taste of your food unaffected.

Make a Great Impression

From the dreaded EHO inspection to delivery drivers and customers, remember that people talk and that's not just the staff in your kitchen! With many of the UK’s commercial kitchens now visible to paying customers, whether through doors or opening directly into dining areas to increase the kitchen theatre effect, cleanliness and hygiene is of the upmost importance. If the competition has raised the bar what are people saying about you? Make an impression and choose decarboniser hire to help your UK kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Why Decarb It?

  • We understand your business! We’ve got years of kitchen experience under our belts and can advise on what you need and when you need it.

  • Our decarboniser hire is flexible – short-term hire means no long-term outgoings.

  • Pricing is clear and up-front with everything included. No maintenance, top-ups or tidy-up required!

  • Need it quickly? Contact us for a fast-response quote.

  • We’ll work to your schedule, avoiding installation or collection during busy service times.

Need to hire for longer?

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We also provide great value 12-month decarboniser hire contracts and a monthly drain-down and fill-up service for those who already own a decarboniser but want to remove the hassle and risk from their kitchen.

Contact Us
  • Head Chef & Proprietor Adam Jackson

    Adam Jackson

    Head Chef & Proprietor, The Park Restaurant @ Marmadukes Hotel, York

    " This didn't disappoint! I hired the medium-sized decarboniser which was more than adequate for my kitchen. Decarb It even delivered and set it up without us even being there. "

  • Head Chef & Owner Tommy Banks

    Tommy Banks

    Head Chef & Owner, The Black Swan Oldstead - Michelin-Starred Restaurant with Rooms

    " I was initially contacted by Sam from Decarb It to see if I would like to hire a decarboniser for a week. With space at a premium, being able to hire a small decarboniser for a week at a time is ideal for our operation. "

  • Head of Operations Dale Exelby

    Dale Exelby

    Head of Operations, Manion & Co. Kitchen & Eatery - York & Helmsley

    " Being a really busy tearoom in the city centre, our ovens and equipment are used all day non-stop. Our decarboniser was delivered with no hassle and was fully set up by Decarb It ready for us to use. "

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