Why Choose Decarboniser Hire with Decarb It?

There are many reasons why our UK customers may choose decarboniser hire. Customers rightly expect high levels of cleanliness when they eat out and nobody, including your staff, wants to see a dirty kitchen. The image you portray as a business is an important one and can't be underestimated.

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Fully-Inclusive and Ready to Go

We offer a quality, customer-focused decarboniser hire service in the UK. Whether you need it for a week, a month or longer, we’ll deliver your decarboniser, install it and supply you with everything you need to get the best use out of the machine. Once you’ve finished with it, we’ll drain-down the detergent and remove the decarboniser, freeing up space and leaving you with a spotless kitchen.


Why Choose to Hire Weekly?

Through UK industry experience and talking to our customers, we know that space is at a premium in kitchens. Choosing one of our easy, hassle-free, weekly decarboniser hire options allows your UK business to operate without a large piece of equipment taking up vital workspace 365 days a year.

With everything included in one weekly cost, and with our decarboniser hire available to customers across many parts of the UK, Decarb It makes cleaning your kitchen simple and affordable with no lengthy contracts or maintenance to tie you down.


Choose When to Decarbonise Your Kitchen Equipment

We know that over the weeks and months, the build up of grease and carbon can become a real issue on kitchen equipment. It looks dirty, giving an unpleasant appearance to your kitchen, and can affect the quality of your food with heat unevenly or poorly distributed due to the carbon build-up. This is easily solved with a simple soak in one of our hire decarboniser tanks, leaving the equipment in your kitchen looking as good as new.

Saving You Money

Tying your business into lengthy contracts or purchasing outright is a large, unwanted and unnecessary financial decision. Decarb It delivers hassle-free, easy decarboniser hire in the UK that is transparent and clear, meaning you only pay for your decarboniser for as long as you want to hire it. You can choose decarboniser hire in the UK as often as you wish, leaving capital in your business that you can invest in other areas.

Our decarboniser hire options offer great value for money! Renting from Decarb It every three months could actually save you money compared to a serviced contract, and chemical top-up is included in the price you see!

Payment is easy as 1 2 3

You can choose our UK decarboniser hire free from long-term monthly outgoings or commitments. With just one easy payment either through a bank transfer or PayPal. Our decarbonisers are available for hire whenever and wherever you need them.

Every product is tested

All of our decarbonisers available for hire comply with current testing and regulations, being PAT tested, inspected and serviced every 6 months to ensure complete safety and reliability. On installation and set-up, we’ll talk you through use procedures and you’ll receive all the equipment and safety data sheets you need to ensure you can use your hire decarboniser simply and safely.

  • Head Chef & Proprietor Adam Jackson

    Adam Jackson

    Head Chef & Proprietor, The Park Restaurant @ Marmadukes Hotel, York

    " This didn't disappoint! I hired the medium-sized decarboniser which was more than adequate for my kitchen. Decarb It even delivered and set it up without us even being there. "

  • Head Chef & Owner Tommy Banks

    Tommy Banks

    Head Chef & Owner, The Black Swan Oldstead - Michelin-Starred Restaurant with Rooms

    " I was initially contacted by Sam from Decarb It to see if I would like to hire a decarboniser for a week. With space at a premium, being able to hire a small decarboniser for a week at a time is ideal for our operation. "

  • Head of Operations Dale Exelby

    Dale Exelby

    Head of Operations, Manion & Co. Kitchen & Eatery - York & Helmsley

    " Being a really busy tearoom in the city centre, our ovens and equipment are used all day non-stop. Our decarboniser was delivered with no hassle and was fully set up by Decarb It ready for us to use. "

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